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Meet the amazing people who bring it all together here at Healing Elements & Wellness, including our Yoga instructors and massage therapists.

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image of Madeline

Madeline Harpell

Retail Manager + Photographer

I am dedicated to a life of healing and authentic connection. There is not much that I love more than quality time spent with myself and the people I am close with. The foundation of my wellness journey was laid through a spiritual upbringing, and developed deeply through classes on meditation and wellness in college. Through this, I now strive to live most alive — tapping into the spirit for my most aware, honest and loving being.

Being outside, whatever the weather, is something that makes me feel most alive. I am passionate about sustainability and protecting the planet. I am drawn to the spiritual sources that we have access to on Earth and feel called to swim in this ocean of knowledge that the spiritual community provides. As an interdisciplinary artist, my art-making practices are focused in photography, collage and movement. I am overjoyed to be part of this strong community, to continually be supported and to support in this connected healing journey we are all on.

When I’m not at Healing Elements, you can find me taking photos, cuddling with my kitties Morrie, Maisie and Monster, spending time with loved ones, enjoying the outdoors, or drawing myself a magical bath.


Rebecca Tanner

Yoga Instructor / Yoga Team Lead

Rebecca Tanner loves any type of movement that connects mind and body, and believes that moving our bodies is an integral part of being healthy, both internally and externally. Rebecca focuses on inspiring people to move, to challenge themselves in safe and supported ways, and to be comfortable in their own body. She helps people experience physical fitness as something they can enjoy doing as much as she does by infusing all types of movement with a little – or a lot! – of fun! It’s deeply important to Rebecca to create an accessible, inclusive, and welcoming space so that people can come together and show up however they need to. It’s essential to have space for kindness towards ourselves and others as we continue to do the work and tackle inner and outer challenges both in and out of class.

Currently, Rebecca is based in Minneapolis, MN where she is so lucky to be part of a vibrant community of dancers and movers. As a dancer and choreographer, Rebecca has explored creativity and self expression and those values have become a part of all of her movement practices. They create a unique space for self-exploration that invites us to engage with our bodies in a way that allows for discovery and acceptance of our physical experiences.

Classes: Wednesday 9am Barre, 10:30am Strength + Stretch, 12pm Low Impact Vinyasa, Friday 9am Vinyasa, 10:30 Strength + Stretch, Saturday 9am Barre, 10:30am Yin, 12pm Vinyasa

rebecca tanner yoga teacher headshot
sydney ward yoga teacher headshot

Sydney Ward

Yoga Instructor / Bodywork Team Lead

Sydney is a yoga teacher, energy healer, and intuitive guide. She brings a sense of playfulness and a passion for accessibility to her classes to serve and nurture students of all backgrounds and abilities as she focuses on developing mobility, balance, meditative moments, and energy work into movement. Her work is deeply rooted in her own practice and journey through healing and wellness.
Sydney came to yoga as part of her dance training almost 20 years ago and has been teaching movement and fitness classes since 2008. Yoga and energy work became a central part of her life in college as she coped with a chronic illness and dynamic disability. In 2016, she moved to Minnesota with her partner and at that time knew that teaching yoga and holistic wellness was her calling as it had been so instrumental in her own healing. Since then she has completed her 200-hr YTT and formal continuing education in advanced topics including somatics, accessibility in sequencing, kinesiology, Reiki-based energy healing, pranayama techniques, and sacred geometry. She also has extensive personal study in tarot, energy medicine, moonology, and meditation and is continuously exploring and experimenting with new healing modalities.
Sydney says, “I believe in the power of energy, intuitive work, body-based wisdom, and our innate abilities to heal and transform. Deep down in my bones, I know that we’re all connected, on this journey together, and that’s the foundation of my work.”

Classes: Monday 9am Barre, 10:30am Yin, 12pm Low Impact Vinyasa, Tuesday 4pm Yin, 5:30pm Vinyasa, 7pm Flow & Restore, Sunday 9am Morning Flow, 10:30am Yin

Morgan Thomas

Massage Therapist

Morgan is very passionate about helping the beings she works with to reawaken their own natural alchemical ability to transform and to experience balance body, mind, and soul. She integrates her training in Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral, Breathwork, Reiki and Transformational Coaching to help guide these parts of self back into alignment and to help her clients remember their own inner capacity to experience healing and transformation. She honors compassion and loving kindness as the true healers and is most inspired by the human spirit`s ability to heal through love and the limitless potential that grows through the soil of transformation.

Modalities: Womxn’s Swedish/Relaxation, Womxn’s Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Womxn’s Integrative, Womxn’s Craniosacral, Prenatal, Womxn’s Usui Reiki (Please note that Morgan only sees women, non-binary and trans clients)

Availability: Fridays 3pm-8pm


Massage Therapist Morgan Thomas
leann sarazin massage therapist portrait

LeAnn Sarazin

Massage Therapist
LeAnn (she/her) has been a massage therapist for 9 years. She attended Northwestern Health Sciences University and immediately worked for a chiropractor for five years. While there, she worked with a lot of amateur athletes, professional dancers and musicians and honed her ability to target overworked or injured areas with sports and rehabilitative techniques. Despite doing deep and technical work, most clients left their massage saying they felt really relaxed. After exploring this, LeAnn understood the importance of the mind/ body connection. The more people were relaxed, the better able they were able to receive deeper work. Over time, LeAnn has seen the value of a full body massage to help people relax to be able to target troubled areas more deeply.  This has also led to further exploration of how we store emotion in the body, how massage can help release stored emotion and help people heal.
LeAnn has always been interested in the healing arts and is very supportive of self care. She, herself makes sure to get regular massage, reiki and counseling. LeAnn spends a lot of time in nature either hiking, camping or just staring at the river. Nature helps her center and ground and is vital to her sense of self and self care. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family and talking about the mysteries of the universe.

Modalities: Integrated, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Swedish/Relaxation, Prenatal, Couple’s Massage, Aromatherapy

Availability: Mondays 2-8pm, Tuesdays 2-8pm, Wednesdays 2:30-8pm, Saturdays 10:30am-5pm

jesse garrett acupuncture headshot

Jesse Garrett

Acupuncturist / Integrated Eastern Bodywork  

I started studying pre-med at college. While I was at college, I had the opportunity to go to Japan with a class to study ceramics. During my stay in Japan, I was invited by one of the hosts to apprentice in ceramics. I agreed to the apprenticeship, and the next fall was living in Japan. After my apprenticeship, I still wanted to be involved with healthcare, but I had been influenced by Asian culture and found myself drawn to acupuncture. One day, I was talking with a chiropractic intern and mentioned my interest. He recommended I look at the acupuncture program at his school, Northwestern Health Sciences University. I attended an open house, and the lecture on the principles of acupuncture was inspiring. I have been following that path ever since.

I am board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture, and am licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University with a masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I interned at the Edith Davis Acupuncture Clinic and completed clinical rotations at Pillsbury House and the Salvation Army. During the spring of 2011, I completed a two-week intensive certification program at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China. I am certified in Wakefield Facial Acupuncture. I am proficient in several modalities within Chinese medicine including needling, cupping, Tui-Na massage, and Chinese herbal medicine, to provide effective personalized care for patients.

Jesse has lived in Saint Paul most of his life. He currently resides there with his wife, two children, and extended family. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family, writing, and ceramics.

Availability: Mondays 2:30am-8pm, Tuesdays 2:30am-8pm, Wednesdays 3:30am-8pm

Ann Barrett

Massage Therapist

Ann has been a licensed massage therapist for almost 28 years. A graduate of Sister Rosalind’s School of Professional Massage, she has worked in a variety of places including massage clinics, health clubs, corporate businesses, as well as her own private practice. She originally started massage therapy to help people feel better and after all these years, she likes to say her hands are smarter than she is – they know exactly what to do.

As a massage therapist she understands the importance of stress reduction and relaxation, given the busy and over-scheduled lives that most people lead. She integrates Swedish/Relaxation massage with Deep Tissue style. She tailors each massage to the clients needs, whether that is to loosen up knots or simply relax. She also offers prenatal massage.

In her free time she likes to knit, read, attend Twins games and she loves the Minnesota State Fair. She has a Bachelor of Arts in U.S. History from the University of Minnesota and has lived in St. Paul, Minnesota her whole life.

Modalities: Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Swedish/Relaxation, Integrated, Prenatal, Aromatherapy

Availability: Thursdays 9am-4pm, Fridays 2pm-8pm, Saturdays 3:30pm-6pm

andrew gillespe yoga teacher headshot

Andrew Gillespe

Yoga Instructor

Andrew is a Minneapolis born and bred yoga practitioner who plays drums and percussion as his vocation, works in the trades in the hardwood flooring industry, and has a wide range of life experiences that he brings to his yoga instruction. For the last decade plus, yoga has been a foundational aspect of his life and he enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for the practice. It is paramount for yoga to be accessible to any and everyone in Andrew’s teachings and he is adept at reading the room and making people feel welcome and honored in class just exactly where they are at.

While he is an enthusiast for fitness–rock climbing/bouldering, tennis, swimming, etc., he also believes yoga is very much a practice that transcends exercise, and that the physical activity element is a wonderful byproduct of practicing yoga. When not involved in any of the aforementioned pursuits, Andrew can be found studying Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian (usually in that order), continuing his seemingly steep learning curve studies of piano and flute, riding his bike around town, and hanging with his partner Betsy and their dog Danney Mars. He is also a baseball fanatic and has a lifetime goal of seeing every major league team play on their home field — 23 of 30 in the books! So while a little out of the box, this is where he feels most comfortable in the world of yoga, bringing his own style to the practice while maintaining reverence for the deep and never-ending nuance of the tradition.

Schedule: Tuesday 9am Vinyasa, 10:30am Gentle Flow, 12pm Vinyasa, Sunday 12pm Vinyasa

Rebecca Curland

Yoga Instructor

Influenced by Classical yoga and Bhakti traditions, Rebecca guides heart-centered vinyasa classes with specific attention to alignment and subtle body awareness. Her classes infuse skillful sequencing and intelligent cueing with themes that illuminate and honor the core of the yoga teachings.

Rebecca began studying yoga in 2008 and completed her initial 200-hour teacher training in 2011. Rebecca has continued her studies locally through the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and has traveled to study with a variety of master teachers including Seane Corn, Shiva Rea and Saul David Raye. She has made multiple pilgrimages to India to honor and experience the root culture and holy sites from which the practice of yoga has evolved. Rebecca draws on her experiences to channel authentic teachings while cultivating sacred space in which students are encouraged to access Self through the architecture of the postures and technology of the breath.

Classes: Monday 5:30pm Vinyasa, Wednesday 5:30pm Vinyasa

rebecca curland yoga teacher
kaitlen brennen healing elements headshot

Kaitlen Brennan

Yoga Instructor / Acupunctuist

Kaitlen began practicing yoga over 20 years ago when pregnant with her daughter. Yoga and meditation had such a profound impact on her (and her labor!) it has “ held her hand” ever since. She has studied many styles of yoga and meditation over the years and remains curious to explore the depth and teachings and share this with her students. 

Her classes emphasize alignment and body awareness, breath work, intentional movements with a graceful presence. Weaving together rich teachings of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Chinese Medicine, allowing space to discover, release and connect inward. She believes yoga is a synergy; an exploration of breath, body and mind and at the core, your spirit; your truest self. 
A graduate of Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness and is 200 RYT, Kaitlen plans to continue her studies fall of 2021 in the 340 hour TT program. She also carries a Masters in Chinese Medicine and is certified in massage and bodywork. Constantly learning and exploring holistic therapy and wellness that can create vitality and longevity as well as elevate our vibration in the world.

Classes: Thursday 10:30am Yin, 12pm Gentle Flow

Scarlett Beebe

Yoga Instructor & Tarot Reader

500hr certified Yoga Instructor, Tarot Reader, and Healer. I received my yoga certification through CorePower Yoga and completed my 500hr with Radiant Life Yoga. I was originally in school for Nursing when I was pulled to follow my heart and explore all aspects of Yoga. I began my experience with Yoga about 10 years ago, in Mexico, where I’m originally from, and I haven’t stopped since. Yoga has stolen my heart and brought me to my highest authentic self. 

I was introduced to Tarot at a young age by my grandmother, who introduced me to the magic of what tarot cards can hold. I collect tarot cards (old and new) and I love talking about anything Tarot! Ask me! 

I have created client relationships with Tarot through “We The Star Borne”, and independent readings on the side. My intention is to heal, guide, and grow a forever relationship with my clients.

I hope I can continue to build my wisdom with Tarot and Yoga, and share it with the family community of Healing Elements.

Classes: Currently no classes

headshot of tarot reader and yoga instructor Scarlett Beebe

Elizabeth Kaye

Tarot Reader

Elizabeth was born in a haunted house in rural Pennsylvania that gave her a lifelong connection to the spirit world. She has developed her mediumship abilities at numerous haunted homes, paranormal investigations and haunted locations over the years and added tarot to the mix 15 years ago. She has worked professionally as a medium and tarot reader for over 10 years and believes helping others navigate the often uncomfortable and confusing world of spirit is her true vocation even though she still sometimes sleeps with the lights on.

Availability: Fridays 3-8pm, Saturdays 12-6pm


Healing Elements Studio

2290 Como Ave, St. Paul MN 55108

Effective Monday, September 13, Healing Elements will now require proof of vaccination or proof of positive antibodies to participate in studio classes and services. Guests are required to wear a mask until they are in the treatment or stationed at their yoga mat. We understand there are limitations for some individuals in getting vaccinated. If this is you, we encourage you to participate in online classes or send us an email so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Studio Procedures:

  • All Employees are required to be vaccinated against or show positive antibodies of COVID-19 virus
  • Employees are asked to stay home if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, fever, shortness of breath or if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • We have installed HEPA filter air purifiers
  • We have installed a germ guard between front desk and clients
  • We have downsized our community lounge area to encourage 6. ft of space between people
  • Hand sanitizer is widely available
  • All surfaces will be routinely washed and cleaned with sanitizing antiviral disinfectants every hour and between clients

Client Protocols:

  • Our studio requires proof of vaccination (or a positive antibodies test) for guests to practice in-studio or receive services. You can provide proof of vaccination by filling out and submitting this form.
  • Complete pre-appointment screening/waiver prior to entering the studio
  • Face coverings are required in all common spaces throughout the business