Chalcedony Mushroom Crystals


The cutest little mushroom crystal decoration for your home, accent for your plants, or the perfect earth element for your altar!

Charming as ever, Chalcedony is all about thought and flow. When people say take a breath before you speak, consider Chalcedony as that breath. It stops us from acting on quick impulse without first engaging our intuition and it always makes sure that whatever is simmering beneath the surface, gets a chance to flow from a positive place. Chalcedony is known for removing negative energies and making both our inner and outer space brighter. It takes us out of fear-based thinking and into sisterhood and generosity. Just like other blue stones, it facilitates thoughtful measured communication and can definitely be a dab hand at helping you through public speaking. In short, it’s a stone of peace, pause, and putting the right words in the right order.

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