Mountain Rose Spray

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100% organic, 2 fluid oz

Cascadia: Evergreen, resinous, and slightly floral, Cascadia aroma spray is evocative of ancient forests in the mystical Cascade mountain range and inspired by the botanicals around us in the Pacific Northwest. Grounding and calming, this spray is wonderful for walking or sitting meditation. Whether you are on a forest adventure or want to bring the forest energy into your daily routine, this aroma spray is a delight to the senses. Use as a body mist, room spray, or deodorant. This scent can also be used for adding a festive touch to winter holidays.

Reflection: In our often busy world, it is beneficial to slow down and reflect on our lives. Reflection allows us to listen to our inner selves and deepen learning. Composed for those quiet introspective times, this blend can assist in clearing the mind for journaling, meditation, and other self-reflection practices. Reflection aroma spray combines the clearing and calming power of frankincense with the balancing, elevating qualities of davana and vetiver essential oils to help one center and calm internal chatter. Can be used as a body mist or room spray.

Relaxing Blossoms: Break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rest in serenity with a spritz of this enchanting and delightful blend! A soothingly soft floral with faint bittersweet undertones, relaxing blossoms aroma spray is a delectably calming scent designed to help ease even the toughest day. When you need a moment of peace and tranquility, this gentle blend featuring clary sage and Roman chamomile essential oils is a helpful ally. Use as a body mist, room spray, or simply sniff from the bottle in times of need. Also makes a lovely pillow spray for bedtime.

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Relaxing Blossoms, Cascadia, Reflection


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